Complaints Procedure

Our Complaints Procedure is designed to assist you in understanding your rights if you want to make a complaint about us or our services provided to you.  If you have a complaint, we will do everything possible to resolve the matter in a prompt and professional manner.

You may either use our internal Complaints Procedure set out below or make a complaint direct to the Real Estate Agents Authority, or contact Cheryl Whiting of Southpark Property.

If we have made a mistake, we would like an opportunity to resolve the problem. If there is a misunderstanding, we will attempt to clarify the situation.

When contacting us it is important to use the word “Complaint” so that we are in no doubt that you are wishing to use our Complaints Procedure.

  • You will need to specify which licensee (salesperson) the complaint is about.
  • The address of the property, in relation to the complaint.
  • Give a detailed explanation of the complaint.
  • We may ask that you put your complaint in writing to us.

Once we have received your complaint, we will acknowledge and notify you that we have received your complaint. We will investigate your complaint and will respond within 10 working days to try and resolve the matter with you.  During this time:

  • We will not charge you for looking into your complaint.
  • We will not take further action over any amounts in dispute while it is working through the complaint process.
  • We may ask that you meet with us to discuss your complaint.

If, after 20 working days we have not reached an acceptable solution with you – or you have not received an answer from us – you may choose to take the complaint to the Real Estate Agents Authority.

Going to the Authority
Once you have been through our Complaints Procedure and you are not satisfied with our response and actions you may wish to complain to the Real Estate Agents Authority. To do this you can go to their website and follow the complaints procedure there.

You may access the Real Estate Agents Authority’s complaint process direct without first using our in-house procedures and the use our Complaints Procedures does not preclude you making a complaint to the Real Estate Agents Authority.